Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hearts Are Shaped As They Are Because...

Now I know why a heart is drawn the way it is.

Last night, I gave him a big surprise. I walked down to his place and rang his door bell. He pressed the intercom and shouted his usual "Hallo?". I gave my normal..."Its me. Open up."

He let me in through the main door and opened the door to his apartment. There stood my love. Looking tired in his long sleeved office shirt tucked out of his black slacks. When he set his eyes on me, they lit up. Mine too. I was weary after a long day pouring over examination materials. He stretched open his arms, motioning me to lay my head on his chest. I did. We hugged each other tightly. No words were needed to express how much we missed each other 2 days.

While holding me like there's no tomorrow, we walked into the living room together. The lighting was perfect for shadows to develope on the off-white walls. I picked up a cup left on the dining table and took it to the kitchen sink to be washed up. After I was done with that simple household chore which I always willingly do for him, he hugged me from behind.

He covered my back with his big but gentle arms. His right cheek on my left. We kissed. I looked at the wall in front of us. A beautiful sight greeted my eyes. I felt a surge of warmth overcome me. It was a figure of a heart.

Now I know why hearts are shaped as they are. It is because when 2 people become one, it produces that exact same image that children draw when told to express their love for someone on paper.

I felt so blessed to see that image on the wall. It was like a sign bestowed upon us by God Himself; signifying His approval of our love.

"Baby...look at the wall! Its a perfect shape of a heart!"

"Yes, I saw it baby...I love you. And I want to love you forever."

"I love you and I want to love you forever too..."