Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kidnapped but Saved by Love

An unidentified man locked me in a cold and dark room. Both of us were in the same room together. He may be unidentified, but I had a gut feeling that I knew him. I asked for my beloved. He answered with a coarse voice saying that he is outside and if I want to speak to him, I must shout for him.

I did. I shouted. But my voice was as soft as a mouse's voice. He couldn't hear me. I could feel him outside, pacing up and down, waiting eagerly for me.

I shouted again with all my might and this time he heard me.

I felt a gentle nudge and a I heard a whisper in my ear...

"Baby, are you alright? I'm here. Don't be afraid. I'm here. See...I'm right next to you."

He hugged me tightly and held my hand.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face to ensure that it is him and not the vilian in my dream.

"Baby, why did you go away? I called for you but you didn't hear me."

"I was here all the while. You shouted for me in your dreams. You gave me a fright! Shhh..go back to sleep. I was holding you the hold night. And I will hold you till you wake up tomorrow morning. Shhh....go to sleep."

I've never slept in someone's arms the whole night through. I've never held hands to sleep.

I feel so loved.

One night later...

"Baby, tonight I won't let you go again. Just sleep...I will be here and I'm not going anywhere. I will never go anywhere..."