Friday, May 20, 2005

And the Dam Broke...Again

This must have been the 10th time I cried my eyes out because of the exams. There must be something wrong with my stress management. I should go for some classes on how to reduce and handle stress.

Vinz came over last night with the purpose of tucking me into bed. But when he stepped foot into my room, my tears dropped furiously. He was heartbroken too, to see me suffering. So, he decided to stay (although he left his light on at home).

I hugged him tightly and told him to go after I fall asleep. But he said...

"No, I can't leave you now. I'm staying."

I had a good night's sleep. We held hands. The best part of this morning was to wake up with him by my side and hear him whisper...

"I love you, baby..."

Wish me luck for my paper in 2 hours.

Wish my luck for my paper at 9am tomorrow morning.

I am anticipating more tears and no sleep tonight.