Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fathers that You Want and Fathers that You Don't

Some people lose their father in tragic accidents or some incurable disease. Some of them lose their fathers at a very young age and never had a father to look up to. Some see other people's fathers waiting for them in front of the school gate every evening but they have to walk home alone by themselves; their hearts green with envy. Some have to live with less because the sole breadwinner of the family has gone to be with the Lord and their surviving mother earns a meagre wage barely enough to support their family. Some just wish they appreciated their father and cherished him while he was still alive.

Some fathers are doting, caring and loving. Some fathers on the other hand are strict discplinarians.

But some wish they did not have one at all.

These are the fathers who are irresponsible; who are gamblers, alcoholics and womenisers.

These are the kind of fathers some do not want to even acknowledge.

It is sad to know that different sorts of families in this world. Some have happy stories to tell and some have sad ones. Some are filled with happiness and laughter while some are broken and shattered.

When I heard this phrase yesterday, my eyes nearly filled up with tears...

"My family is not as happy as yours..."