Monday, May 23, 2005

I Am Shrinking!

3 down, ONE MORE to go!

How was the 3rd? Well..I would say compared to the 1st two, the 3rd was a disappointment. But, consolation is...I didn't have that bad feeling I had after my Criminal Law paper last year. I could answer all the questions needed to be answered but I am not confident of scoring amazing marks for them. Oh's not as if I didn't study. Actually, given another 10 years to study the same Trusts Law syllabus, I wouldn't have done any better or any worst. It was the way the questions were phrased. Not my fault. I did my best.

Tomorrow marks the end of my 2 month ordeal. I'm in the midst of revising and memorising cases. Sigh. Not easy at all. But since I have 3 loads off my back, this final one seems so much lighter.

I took a day off on Saturday from all the mugging and case memorising. I was so tired after the Trusts paper. I wanted to sleep right after I came back at 12pm but I couldn't. I guess my brain was still very much active. So, I went online and played this :)

I realised that I have shrunk in 2 weeks. My weight has dropped tremendously and my jeans seems so loose. I used to have difficulty in buttoning my jacket but now it seems so easy! Geez. All the stress is really getting into me. Vinz has been persuading me to eat more. But I can't. I either don't have the time to eat a proper meal or even when I do, I don't have the appetite to. For the past 2 weeks, my diet consists of sandwiches for lunch and cereal for dinner. In between I have a bar of Kitkat or a bannana. Really unhealthy. Sometimes I don't eat at all the whole day till its time for me to sleep and then I realise that I am actually very hungry. Oh well. Just one more day of crap food.

I didn't know that if your weight goes south, your boobs shrink too :P

I thought with all the stress, my face will be filled with ugly red spots. To my surprise, it is clear! is clear to my standards because I never had crystal clear and smooth skin. I must give credit to USANA Health Sciences' Sense range of skincare . Excellent product! It doesn't work like magic but I used it consistently for almost 2 months and I've already felt its effect. No more Neutrogena or Clinique for me. Sense is the way to go! :)

Wish me all the very best luck for my final lap tomorrow. It will be my last LAW exam. But I hope it will not be my last exam in my lifetime. I am looking forward to the 6 CSR papers I have to sit for if I get my 2nd upper!

Can't wait for the new chapter in my life to begin!!!