Monday, May 09, 2005

Lightning Struck and Took Him Away...

I'm sure everyone must have read about the news of 2 golfers in Johor Bahru struck by lightning almost 2 weeks ago. One of them (the younger one) was a family friend of ours. When I first read about the news on thestar online while using Hallward Library's computer, I was shocked and was in total disbelief. I ran back to my room as fast as I could to call my Mum. She confirmed the news in between sobs and tears. She lost one of her first friends in JB. Very sad.

Last Saturday, I called home. I asked how Uncle KK's (the deceased) family is doing. They are alright. Luckily his children are all grown up. The youngest son is in the 1st year of university in Australia, the middle son is working as an Actuarist in KL and the eldest daughter is a lawyer in JB. Financial wise, they are good. But, they are still in mourning for the passing of their loved one. One afternoon, he told his wife that he'll be going for a game of golf at the RJCC. In the evening, he didn't call home. Instead, it was the Club's authorities who called and said that her husband was struck dead by lightning. Sad.

He left no last words. He bade no last good bye. He just left this world as fast as the lightning came and went.

I guess when it is your time to go, you have to go. It doesn't matter what shape, what form, what way, what time, what day, where and how you go. Uncle KK was only 55 years old. He planned a cruise with his wife this year. But before he could enjoy that well deserved holiday, he cruised a long alone...

Rest in peace Uncle KK. I may not know you very well but my parents did. You were one of their first friends they made in JB. Without you helping them to settle down, they would have had a hard time.