Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mummy...The Jill of All Trades, The Mistress of All

Here's a little something about my mum, my bestest friend, my confidant...

When I was younger, mum used to cane me all the time for reasons such as breaking her favourite vase, biting my finger nails, talking back at her, not doing my homework, arguing with my sister and not swallowing my food when it has been in my mouth for the past 10 minutes or so. As I grew up, whenever I misbehaved she "canned" me with her silent treatment. Weighing up the both of them, I prefered and still prefer being physically canned than having a cold war with mum. Mum had her way of making me feel guilty and sorry for all the bad things I did. All her methods were and still are very effective because I don't think I ever made the same mistake twice. And I love mum for that, for making me the person I am today. I may not be the best daughter or the most successful person but I know for sure that in my mother's eyes, I am her precious one (as my Chinese name suggests too). She molded me to what I am today. She crafted my every single thought. She instilled in me morality, manners and feminity.

Mum gave me independence bit by bit. I resented her for that but I appreciate it now. If she had "unleashed" me, I would have gone so wild that my hair will not be brownish but pink, my dressing will not be modest but provocative and my language even more vulgar than it is now. And most of all, I wouldn't have learnt to cherish the freedom and independence I have now. Thank you mum. You truly know what is best!All throughout my childhood days, I never liked to drink plain water. Mum had to force it on me. She screamed, shouted, canned and even threatened to throw me in the dustbin if I don't finish that cup of water she poured. Then one day, she devised a plan, a very clever plan to make me finish every drop in that yellow cup of mine. "Yam Seng" was her plan. Smart mum! Whenever she poured a cup of water for me, she poured one for herself and she will say "Bottoms up!! Yam Seng!!" And childish me, fell for it. Since then, drinking at least 10 glasses of water everyday has been a habit. Thank you again, Mum!

Mum is the cook. She is also the tailor. She is the piano teacher although she never had any musical education. Whenever me or my sister fell sick, she is the doctor and the nurse. She is the storybook lady, the teacher for every subject and the motivator. Mum lends her shoulder to cry on. Mum shares her secrets with me and I share mine with her. Mum and I watch TV together and munch on our favourite tid bits and then complain about the fat we will put on. Mum tickles me all the time and we are never too shy to hug each other in public. She may be the discipline mistress but she is also the counsellor and the peace maker. She sides my sister and I whenever dad gets mad at us. Mum, you are the Jill of all trades and you are the Mistress of all. You have never failed to be a caring and understanding mother. Mum, I love you for all that you've done for us, for the family and I love you for being you, Mum!! :)