Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My "To Do" List

One more hour till I walk into the Trent Building for my first exam out of the 4 I have to sit for till the 24th.

I was just thinking...Wow...I have so many things to do from 12pm, Tuesday, 24th May 2005.

I want to list them down here. Need to de-stress a little bit.

* Post my National Insurance form
* Post my confidential stuff
* Post "Sepet" to Eileen in Wales
* Get my ass to Jubilee Campus to ask them about the 300pound deposit I have to pay
* Get my accomodation for next academic year sorted out - Melton Hall is my 1st choice
* Read up about ROME! Off to Rome on 11th June - 14th June!
* Call Malaysia Hall to book rooms for me, Mum and Papa
* Clean Vinz's house
* Cook dinner for Vinz
* Make packed lunch for Vinz
* Get more self raising flour and other baking stuff to bake as many cakes and cookies I can
* Relax
* Sleep
* Read up on Managerial Economics
* Not get jittery on the 8th of June at 4pm
* If don't get my 2:1, don't get upset or worried. Run straight to Jubilee to sort things out
* Get my National Express ticket to Heathrow
* Most important - Book my Graduation gown
* Wait for Mum and Papa to come
* Spend money in London - shop like crazy with Mummy on Papa's card!
* If I get my 2:1 still run to Jubilee to hand them my official transcript
* Go home to Malaysia
* Get my student visa done (if I get to come back)
* Go on a holiday with my family
* Wait for Vinz to come back - We intend to take a makan trip to Penang
* Visit KTJ and all my friends in KL
* Get my hair curled permanently for the second time
* If I don't get to come back - Actively seek employment

A long list eh. Can't wait to tick them off!!