Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"One Cheeseburger without the burger!"

My boyfriend fried burgers at McD's for 2 months after he finished his MSc here in Nottingham. I love to bug him to tell me about his experience working there. My all time favourite story is when a customer wanted "Cheeseburger without the burger".


"One Cheeseburger without the burger!"

"How do I do that?"

"Just put onions, pickles, cheese and ketchup in between 2 buns and give it to him!"

And so he did.

He received many weird orders but this was the weirdest of them all! While toasting the buns, he was cursing under his breath because it disrupted the whole order of things in the kitchen. The big flat pan to fry the burgers should be maximised and no wastage should occur. Now, he had one extra burger without any bun to be put into. It just didn't look right on that flat fryer.

The next time you go to McD's and you're waiting for your burgers, just be patient. This means that the burgers fell on the floor while they were in the process of serving them up to you and the kitchen staff are preparing new ones for you. If you are impatient and hurry them...this is what you'll get...

"Shit!! Burger fell on the floor!!!"

"Hurry! Hurry! Pick it up and wrap it before the manager sees it! If he sees us wasting time and burgers, he'll kill us!!"

Picks burger up. Slaps it on the bun. Squeezes ketchup. Throws onions and pickles. Puts top bun over. Wraps and slides it down the burger tray.

So, McD's ain't that clean afterall :P

McD's pride themselves on the time they take to fry their burgers and bring out piping hot fries in minutes. Everytime a customer has some weird requests, the kitchen staff have no choice but to comply but they curse and curse because it wastes their precious time and just disturbs the whole system.

The next time you want to order unsalted fries...think of the amount of work the poor "fries boy" has to do just to satisfy your whim and fancy.

He has to fry a new batch of fries and after that is done, he cannot mix it with the other batch because it already has salt on them. Instead, he has to put in on a cleaner side where no salt was sprinkled. If there is no such side, then he has to shift the salted fries somewhere else and clean the whole fry tray just for your "small fries without salt".

Of course, the customer is always right. In the service and food industry, the customer is the king. But...even a king should have some consideration for its servants right?

If you want unsalted fries, go fry them yourself at home.

If you want Cheeseburger without the burger, go make yourself a cheese-on-toast in your own kitchen.

Take pity on the staff at McD's. They are human too.