Thursday, May 12, 2005

Otak 'ku Sudah Tepu!

I'm running my last mile now. No, I'm not dying. I'm running the last mile of my undergraduate years. For 3 years I've been running this lenghty marathon. For 3 years I've struggled with 18 papers to sit for, 42 essays to write in 37 hours, 5 courseworks, 92 hours of tutorial, 14 subjects and probably more than 2000 hours studying for tutorials and exams. Sigh. I've come a long way now...a very very long way...

Just a little bit more, just 12 days more and my ordeal will be over. My 2000 or more hours of studying will pay off (or at least I hope it will).

Wish me luck people. I need loads and loads of it.

Sister Enda, the founder SMK Assunta and the longest serving principal has this to say...
"Just do your best and God will do the rest."

Yes, I'm in the midst of doing my best. And I know God will do the rest. I have faith in Him.

But...I don't have faith in myself. Sigh.

Help me.

I'm stressed beyond my wits. Period cramps don't help during these trying times either.

Can I take a break for dinner with the boyfriend tonight? But if I do, I'll feel so guilty for not mulling over my books...


Otak 'ku sudah tepu!