Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Society - The Pain in the Ass

The Chinese has a saying "The door must fit the door frame" (men dang hu dui) which means that when a person chooses a life partner, he or she has to choose someone who is fitting of his or her social class and status. To give a very extreme example, if you are a PhD holder in Atomic Science and your spouse is a rubbish collector, it certainly is not a case of "men dang hu dui".

I agree with this saying only to a certain extent. Yes, how can a rubbish collector talk the same topics as a Phd holder in Atomic Science? As husband and wife, I am sure there will be occasions where both will be invited to certain functions and parties and there will be chances to socialise with other people in that group. I think it will be a very difficult for the rubbish collector to speak atomic science language to a bunch of spectacle wearing and bow tie donning people.

But then again, they say love transcends all boundaries; all ages, all religions, all races and all social status'. Maybe there are people who have such extreme occupations and yet are able to live happily ever after. Maybe there aren't. I don't know.

Will I stick to this saying?

Its a tough question. I will to a certain extent, I guess. I want my future husband to be on par with my intellectually or even better. I want him to be guiding light and hand. I want him to make the decisions and be a good example to our children. Nonetheless, I am not saying that a rubbish collector or someone less qualified than I am cannot fit into this criteria. I know that collecting rubbish is an honest job and someone has to do it. But will he feel inferior? Will my parents object?

Most importantly, what would society say? Will they point fingers and mock at us?

Society - the pain in the ass.

If I fall in love, truly fall in love with a billionaire's son, society will stare and point fingers at me...

"Aiya..this girl. Marry him because of money lah.."

I can't deny that I am guilty of such finger pointing too. I'm guessing, it is a case of sour grapes.

Recently, I heard of a friend who is dating a gorgeous girl who is also witty and intelligent. In fact, she is one of Malaysia's most beautiful woman. This friend of mine (other than his good boyish looks) has a gold mine waiting for him back home. He probably doesn't have to work for the rest of his life because of the vast fortune his family has. The first thing that came out of my mouth when I heard of the gossip...

"Shit. She must either be too easy or he is just damn good. Must be for the money lah.."

Shoot me. I am a pain in everyone's ass.