Monday, May 30, 2005

Star Wars and Espradilles

I love weekends. I love weekends when I don't have to rush back to study or have that nagging feeling inside me telling me that I'm wasting precious minutes by strolling the streets of Nottingham City.

I had such a lovely weekend. It started off on Saturday morning where the both of us woke up at 11am but lazed in bed till almost 1pm! We got up because we heard each other's stomach making hungry noises. We quickly got changed and then took the bus to the city. The weather was just nice. It wasn't as hot as it was on Friday. The wind blew lightly and the sun was up as well. The City played host to a French Fair which was very colourful and had temptingly delicious macaroons! But we didn't stop for any. Instead we headed straight to UGC - the Cinema.

We bought tickets for the night show of Star Wars. I haven't watched a single Star Wars before but Vinz dragged me along. He has been bugging me to watch it with him since the movie came out. He told me the whole story while we were having dinner at Nandos. I nodded and tried to comprehend. Surprisingly, I did. I understood the whole picture and was very eager to watch the movie at 8.15pm.

Ok..back to Saturday afternoon. We had lunch at KFC (another one of Vinz's idea). I never liked KFC but to entertain my boyfriend (afterall, he had such a long week), I agreed. I must say that KFC in UK is a far cry from the KFC back home. There is something not right about it. The batter isn't as crispy as the one in Malaysia. Oh well...

After lunch, we headed straight to Victoria Centre. I was desperately looking for a pair of sandals/slippers/espradilles. I always had the Kenneth Cole slipper in my mind but it costs 55pounds. I would have bought it if it weren't the end of the year and I didn't have to go to Rome in 2 weeks. Clarks had Ah-Ma kinda shoes but I must say they were comfortable. Faith had funky shoes which were hard and not nice to walk with. Qube's shop was just too bright and gave me and Vinz a headache.

I was adamant to get a pair of espradilles. I bumped into Jean at Faith and she told me that she saw a few nice ones at NEXT. I was about to head to NEXT but I decided, why not try House of Fraser. Who knows my Kenneth Cole is on sale?

It really was!! From 55 to 41pounds!! Wooohoo! At that moment, Vinz had something to say...

"You want to buy Made in China?"

I flipped the slipper over and true was made in China. Shit. I'm paying over RM300 for pair of Kenneth Cole which is made in China? No wayyyyyyyyy...

I walked around the shoe section and found this really pretty pair of espradilles. It was by Nine West, the Australian brand. My mouth was watering already at that moment. I didn't even bother to look at the price. All I knew was I put it on and refused to take it off. I paid for it at the cashier and wore my new pink espradilles the whole day!! :)

Shoes. You can never have too many of them. Bags too. I got one from Zara on the same day!

Star Wars?

I thought the fighting scenes were quite nice. Yoda was cute. I especially liked R2D2. But I didn't like the ending. It was too abrupt. It felt like George Lucas stuffed everything towards the end to make it link with the next Star Wars. Not good. But I liked all of Natalie Portman's hair do's though.

On Sunday morning, I dragged Vinz out of bed at 9am to go to church. He didn't complain and I was so proud of him that he actually made it! For the past week he has been sharing with me all his worries and problems and guess what? The Pastor read out a passage from the bible...

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."

It couldn't have come at a better time. God certainly has His own way of reassuring us that He is for us and not against us :)

Ahhh...what a wonderful weekend!

Vinz has to work today although its a Bank Holiday and I have to clear up my room and start packing. I'm getting sentimental about leaving my room but I guess one has to move on to progress...