Friday, May 27, 2005

To All Housewives, I salute You

It's not fun being a housewife.

I've been on holiday since Tuesday at 12pm. I have baked, cleaned and cooked. I've fold clothes, hanged them and dumped them into the machine. And in between, I've read about Coca-Cola's reputation management and how Pepsi picked itself up when on the verge of bankruptcy.

I now am really amazed at how my mother can stay at home for the past 30 years; cleaning, cooking, washing, reading newspapers and cutting out articles of relevance, watching tv and yet still has the time to listen to her husband's day at work and children's daily complaint of how much homework they have; without a single grumble.

Housewives are great people indeed.

Today, I helped Vinz fold his clothes. After that I cleared the house. I was about to clear the thrash and I realised that...

"Eeeyer...I don't even clear my own thrash. He can clear it himself when he comes back."

I'm thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight. I should go to to check out some recipes.

I think I'm more tired now than the time when I was preparing and sitting for my exams.

Being a housewife is not an easy job at all.

My legs ache.

My hands hurt.

My back feels weird.

For the past 3 nights, I sleep the moment I put my head on my pillow at 11pm.

To all housewives, I salute you.

And so for now, I shall leave all the heavy lifting to you great women out there and I shall just go backstage to continue being nerdy me...