Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bangunlah Wahai JPAku!

It happend again. Must be the Nth time I read about Top SPM scorers not geting scholarships from the Public Service Department of Malaysia.

Poor fella. All he got for working his ass off for his SPM exams was just a hand-shake withe the PM, a certificate and a souvenier. Oh..wait a minute. He got a free lunch too.

I would think the reason why he applied for the PSD scholarship is because his parents cannot afford to send him to medical school. And I would think that the PSD would use this critieria together with the fact that this boy is an academic achiever and possesses a string of extra-curricular activities under his belt as well. Unfortunately, I don't know what made PSD reject their offer.

Suddenly, I am reminded of what Orked's mum told Kak Yam in Sepet...

"Orked, 5 A pun dapat scholarship."



"Jason...7 A..."

I got this nagging feeling inside me. The PSD uses a computer system to randomly choose the recipients of scholarships; just like how the computer system chooses 17 year olds for Khidmat Negara.

And I also have another nagging feeling. This boy will get a scholarship from Singapore; our very generous neighbour who loves to poach our country's talent. Can't blame him for accepting it. In Mandarin we say...

"Dong jia bu da, da xi jia" - If you can't get it from the east, get it from the west.

Tsk tsk tsk...Bangunlah wahai JPAku!