Monday, June 06, 2005

I Need to be more Diplomatic

I need to exercise some diplomacy. There is something very wrong with my communication skills. I need to be taught how to speak in a way which does not give people the impression that I hate them or have something against them; even if I really do deep down inside.

I need a lesson on human relations. I need to go for class which teaches me how to control my anger and not to reveal my innermost emotions when it is not appropriate to do so.

When I shut up and not speak, I am wrong. When I open my mouth to talk and the tone is not right, I am wrong too. So what should I do?

I really need to learn to butt out when there are warning signs telling me to butt out. I need to mind my own business and live in my own little hole-in-the-wall.

I make a very bad partner. If everyone is against my partner, I should be the one for him. If there is a decision that he has made, I should be the one who supports it. If everyone is says no, I should be the only one who says yes. I am a lousy partner. I give opinions but all one sided. I assume too much. I ought to be shot.

In the end, I am the devil. I am the evil one, the one who spoke when she was not supposed to. I am the one who put my foot where it did not belong.

I need to go for some anger manangement, partner management and relationship course. Any recommendations?