Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'll marry you when the time comes ok?"

One more day is all I have with Vinz. He will be working on site tomorrow night till Wednesday early morning and I will be leaving for London to meet up with my parents on Wednesday. My train leaves at 11.30am. I'm already begining to miss him. We spent Saturday evening feeding the ducks, Saturday afternoon in the city centre eating Nandos chicken and him waiting for 30 minutes for me to get my manicure done. Today was spent lazing around at home, watching the movies that we downloaded and eating all the fruits we bought. I will really miss him so much when I go home in 2 weeks. Although I will be back in Nottingham on the 5th of July from London, we won't be able to be in each others' arms because my parents will be around and I will be staying with them at a hotel. It will be another 2 more months before he can wrap me in his arms again.

Yesterday, we brought up the topic of marriage. Not us getting married but just marriage in general. Suddenly, he said...

"I'll marry you when the time comes ok?"

I don't know whether I should be jumping for joy or should I just take his words as a passing wind.

But at that moment, I was happy. Very happy in fact. And whenever I think of him looking into my eyes and saying what he said earnestly, a smile appears on my face...... :)