Thursday, June 09, 2005

Proud to be a Law Graduate!

Hard work really pays off. Constant prayers too. I thank God for bestowing upon me wonderful parents who were and are still very very supportive of my whines, cries and plans. Without their 2.1 will be impossible. I also thank God for giving me Vinz. Without him being constantly by my side during the most crucial period of my life, I wouldn't have gone through it. Come to think of it, I can't remember how many of his t-shirts were soaked with my salty tears.

I ran to the results board yesterday and I checked the 2.2 list first. Hehe. I didn't see my name there so I scrolled down to the 3rd class list. Phew. Not there either. I looked at the 2.1 list and I smiled so broadly and one tear rolled down my left cheek. The feeling is even better than the day I received my A-Level results because I worked really really hard for this degree. I don't think I worked so hard before. For 3 years, I have been waiting for this triumphant moment.

Got my Master's application sorted out. Paid the deposits for the course and the accomodation. Now, they can't reject me anymore! Hehehe...

I said this before in my previous post that I regret reading law. I still do, really I do. But I must say reading law has taught me to think before I speak and think as I speak. I realise now that I think faster and read faster than before. I can now skim through unimportant parts of a tenancy agreement and point out the important parts even without that particular clause being highlighted. I am much more aware of law related issues. In fact, I am now aware that our daily lives revovles around the application of law. I may not be able to resolve legal problems like a true blue lawyer but I can give my opinion. I can make full use of my knowledge of Corporate law when I start to work hopefully in 2 years time.

Can't wait for my Master's to start. I'm so looking forward to start my life as a Postgraduate. Now I can safely and proudly say that I am Law graduate; that I truly hold a Law degree :)

P.S. Today will be the last day I'll be blogging in my room here in Hugh Stu. I will miss N 11. Been here for 2 years. The desk still has marks of my carelessness. The carpet still has scars of my silliness. From tomorrow onwards, I will blogging from Vinz's place in Dunkirk.

Goodbye N 11. You have been a good companion.