Thursday, July 14, 2005

"To all Malaysians, welcome home."

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go home for 2 months. Can't wait to get on the National Express bus to Heathrow airport and hop onto MH1 for my flight back to Malaysia! The best part of my flight is when the MAS cabin crew announce that we have arrived at KLIA. They always say this...

"To all visitors, welcome to Malaysia. To all Malaysians, welcome home."

Everytime they say that, I can't help but tear. You wouldn't know this feeling until you've been away from home for so long. It has been 10 months since I stepped foot on Malaysian soil and breathed in Malaysian air. I'm so looking forward to this short but definitely enjoyable break!

But then heart is heavy. I will be leaving my fatty behind for 2 months. Hopefully when I come back, I would be able to persuade my parents to let me share a flat with him. If I can't, its ok. I'll still be able to see him anytime I want! :)


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Power of a Bitch

I am not proud to be labelled one of the 3 bitches in KTJ but I think this honour has proven it's good use yesterday :P

I must have that bitchy look on my face and my actions have nearly drove the crazy housemate away. Best news I've heard yesterday night when Vinz said that C thinks that the both of them shouldn't move out together because he doesn't feel comfortable with me around. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Now Vinz thinks that I should continue irritating C and his sister. Not irritate as in tell them off or scold them. All he wants me to do is show my bitchy face and shut my trap whenever they talk to me. I'm more than obliged to do that :P

Yesterday, we went to view an apartment in the city. It was beautiful although it wasn't furnished. We waited for the agent for about 5 minutes and sister started scolding my fatty. She said...

"Why you so STUPID wan? Call her lahhh!"

I really wanted to shout back at her and give her a piece of my mind but Vinz held me back. He laughed it off instead. I know that is the right way but trust me, I was boiling with anger inside. I really wanted to rip her mouth apart and pour boiling hot oil down her bloody throat!

C is just considering to move out, it is not confirmed. The third housemate is also not comfortable to move in with C because of his financial status and irresponsible behaviour. I just hope that I drive him up the wall and get him to fire himself out of the house.

I'm such a meany but sometimes you have to do a little evil to do a greater good :P


Monday, July 11, 2005

Housemate Blues - Help Needed

Being in a relationship has taught me many things. One of them is listening to the problems of my boyfriend and trying to offer solutions to it. Sometimes, all he wants is just a listening ear. But I can't help but worry about his problems once he lets off his burden on me. This is one problem that I cannot solve and I need some advice from all you bloggers out there.

It all started more than a month ago. He was to move out with his friend, C to an apartment in the city centre. It was a beautiful place but it costs GBP300 a month per person. It is a rather steep price for someone like C who doesn't have a stable job. Although C is qualified as an architect, he does not have the certificate to prove so because he did not pay his fees and the university rejected his right to graduate. He works as a part time waiter at the conference centre here. The job is seasonal. He holds a student visa which will expire sometime in October yet he does not have any plans to go back to where he comes from to renew it or get a real full time job in the UK so he can continue staying. Tell me people, don't you think staying with a housemate like this is going to be risky? I am not despising him because he doesn't have the cash sign plastered on his face. I am just concerned for my boyfriend. Who knows C will default on the rent? What will happen to Vinz?

All the hoo-hah happend and even Vinz's friends desuaded him to move out with C and also managed to pull C back to reality. Unfortunately, this didn't last for long. There are 2 rooms in the present place. One big and one small. Vinz originally stayed in the smaller one which costs GBP225 and the larger one costs GBP275. Once his old housemate moved out, Vinz took the bigger room and settled in nicely there. Then C came along and said that he wanted the large room. I was fuming mad because what is the difference of paying 300 and 275? If he indeed realised his funding problem, he should stay in the small room and pay lesser. Vinz let him have his way since C's mum and sister will be coming over for a holiday. On the record, Vinz and C and another friend are planning to move out to a 3 bed room apartment in September. So staying in this present place is just a temporary measure.

C and his sister who came from his home country for a visit moved in almost 2 weeks ago. One night while the 3 of them were preparing to cook dinner, Vinz said that he usually puts in the chicken, rice, some garlic, ginger, vegetables and sesame oil into the rice cooker to make chicken rice. That fucking C said...

"I'm WARNING YOU ahh..I don't eat these kinda food!!!"

That was blow number one.

Blow number two came when Vinz let C cook dinner. C scooped in half a tub of butter and fried it with mince beef, put 2 beef cubes and some sugar and he does not call that shit food. I understand that one man's medicine is another's poison but still...does it even make sense to use half a tub of butter?

Vinz then discussed with me saying that maybe C and him shouldn't move out. He cannot tahan his eating habits. He wears his slippers in the house and the kitchen. What sense does it make? The kitchen is sticky and oily. The hall is carpeted. Isn't it making the whole house dirty? Why doesn't he wear his bloody slippers in his own room if he thinks that his slippers are so clean?

Vinz wants me to move out with him but I told him that it is utterly impossible. I can't. My parents, although they have met him and approve of him, will not allow such things until I finish my studies at least.

I can't offer Vinz any solution. It hurts me to see him getting bullied and pushed around by his damn housemate. I can't stand the sight of him and his sister. C even had the cheek to tell Vinz that he can sense that I don't like him and I don't talk to him. Has he ever checked his own behaviour on why I don't like him? Yesterday I tried to be nice so I talked to his sister. I asked her a question and she gave me the WTF look and answered it unwillingly. Alright then, if she wants to give me the WTF look then I'll give it back to her!

Tell me what should Vinz do? He is unhappy to stay with C. He can't stay with me. He can't poach his friend who plans to move out together with them as it won't look good on him. The only solution I can give him is keep hoping that C does not pay the rent so it will be a valid reason to kick his ass off on the tarmac.

Argghhhh..this problem has been plaguing me for so long! Help!


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back from London in One Piece

I am so very blessed that my family and I weren't at London when the blasts occured. I was at King's Cross station the day before that to take the train back to Nottingham. My parents were at Victoria Station, a stone's throw from the explosions. Thank you all for your concern :) We are all safe and are still in one piece.

Yesterday, there was a bomb scare at Birmingham. 20,000 people were evacuated from the city centre. My family and I were there the day before the scare. Thank God we decided not to stay a night at Birmingham. Even if there were no explosives found, I would have been totally freaked out if asked to evacuate.

The British are speculating now that the next bomb scare will be in Manchester. I hope and pray that none of these things happen anymore. Too many innocent lives have been killed by irresponsible people. At this very moment, they are still unsure those who are responsible for the attacks but I'm sure the British intelligence will be able to bring them to justice soon.

I personally feel, whatever the motives were for the attacks, these terrorists should not be allowed to kill innocent people. If they really have to kill to make their voices heard, then go kill those involved in policy makings and other key governmental decisions. If; just as PM Tony Blair said they killed in the name of religion, I think God wouldn't want and need so many matrys in heaven. Enough lives have been destroyed, enough violence has been committed. Its time for peace to return.

I watched the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" a month ago and I can't help agree with the statement made by the character played by Orlando Bloom. He told the Queen of Israel this...

"To your brother, Israel is here and here." (Here meaning the heart and the mind.)

What good is a piece of land when the people who make that land what it is and flourish is dead?

But then again, what do I know? I am just an ordinary civilian, walking on the streets of Nottingham and breathing in English air...

P.S. Graduation photos will be up as soon as I go back to Malaysia on Thursday.