Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back from London in One Piece

I am so very blessed that my family and I weren't at London when the blasts occured. I was at King's Cross station the day before that to take the train back to Nottingham. My parents were at Victoria Station, a stone's throw from the explosions. Thank you all for your concern :) We are all safe and are still in one piece.

Yesterday, there was a bomb scare at Birmingham. 20,000 people were evacuated from the city centre. My family and I were there the day before the scare. Thank God we decided not to stay a night at Birmingham. Even if there were no explosives found, I would have been totally freaked out if asked to evacuate.

The British are speculating now that the next bomb scare will be in Manchester. I hope and pray that none of these things happen anymore. Too many innocent lives have been killed by irresponsible people. At this very moment, they are still unsure those who are responsible for the attacks but I'm sure the British intelligence will be able to bring them to justice soon.

I personally feel, whatever the motives were for the attacks, these terrorists should not be allowed to kill innocent people. If they really have to kill to make their voices heard, then go kill those involved in policy makings and other key governmental decisions. If; just as PM Tony Blair said they killed in the name of religion, I think God wouldn't want and need so many matrys in heaven. Enough lives have been destroyed, enough violence has been committed. Its time for peace to return.

I watched the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" a month ago and I can't help agree with the statement made by the character played by Orlando Bloom. He told the Queen of Israel this...

"To your brother, Israel is here and here." (Here meaning the heart and the mind.)

What good is a piece of land when the people who make that land what it is and flourish is dead?

But then again, what do I know? I am just an ordinary civilian, walking on the streets of Nottingham and breathing in English air...

P.S. Graduation photos will be up as soon as I go back to Malaysia on Thursday.