Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Power of a Bitch

I am not proud to be labelled one of the 3 bitches in KTJ but I think this honour has proven it's good use yesterday :P

I must have that bitchy look on my face and my actions have nearly drove the crazy housemate away. Best news I've heard yesterday night when Vinz said that C thinks that the both of them shouldn't move out together because he doesn't feel comfortable with me around. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Now Vinz thinks that I should continue irritating C and his sister. Not irritate as in tell them off or scold them. All he wants me to do is show my bitchy face and shut my trap whenever they talk to me. I'm more than obliged to do that :P

Yesterday, we went to view an apartment in the city. It was beautiful although it wasn't furnished. We waited for the agent for about 5 minutes and sister started scolding my fatty. She said...

"Why you so STUPID wan? Call her lahhh!"

I really wanted to shout back at her and give her a piece of my mind but Vinz held me back. He laughed it off instead. I know that is the right way but trust me, I was boiling with anger inside. I really wanted to rip her mouth apart and pour boiling hot oil down her bloody throat!

C is just considering to move out, it is not confirmed. The third housemate is also not comfortable to move in with C because of his financial status and irresponsible behaviour. I just hope that I drive him up the wall and get him to fire himself out of the house.

I'm such a meany but sometimes you have to do a little evil to do a greater good :P