Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Baby...I want to grow old with you."

I love it when Vinz and I talk about our future. We've been talking and sharing our thoughts about our relationship. Coming Saturday will be celebrating our 6th month anniversary. Although we are thousands of miles apart, we have never spent a single day not talking to each other over the phone and sending SMS's. Since we both have decided (and I have got the nod from my parents) to stay together this coming September, we have been talking about sharing our lives.

I love it when he says...

"Baby...I want to grow old with you."


"Baby...I want to hold you tight and not let go."


"Baby...I'm happy if you're happy."


"Baby...It hurts me to see you cry."


"Baby...Don't be scared. I'm here...no bad dreams anymore ok?"

When he said that he wants us to grow old together and that he will love me forever, I said...

"That means you must marry me you know..."

And he said...

"Give me 5 years baby...5 years and I promise I'll marry you..."

Tell me, which girl's heart will not melt when she hears this from the one she loves and adores most?

I know that words are merely words if no action is done to turn them into reality. But I'm positive this time. This is one relationship that I don't have any doubts with. The past one I had, I had doubts whether I was willing to give up living in the UK just to go back to be with him. But this time I know that wherever I go or to make things fair, wherever he goes, we will be physically and emotionally together. We have made a pact that for the next 5 years, we will not be leaving the UK unless one of us is unable to sustain and/or obtain a job there.

Of course anything can happen in the next 5 years. But like I said...I am positive this time. Very positive. And the fact that my parents like him gives me the extra confidence to move on further in this relationship :)