Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Malaysians - An inconsiderate lot?

I took the train back to JB from Tampin last week with my mum. We were on the First Class coach. The coach was empty besides the both of us. There was another First Class coach behind the one we took and it was full. The ride was fine and the coach was ok considering we had the whole coach to ourselves. Halfway through the journey, I had to use the train's toilet. So, I went out of the coach and used the toilet in between two coaches. After I was done, I tried to open the sliding door leading to the coach but it was stuck. Mind you, this was an automatic door. All I needed to do was to step on the mat and it will automatically open but this time it didn't. There was a button which opens the door manually but the cap was off and all was left of the button were just some green and red wires.

I was left stranded a few feet away from my mum's seat yet she couldn't hear me knock on the glass door. The train was moving fast and the noise of the train's wheels gliding over the tracks muffled my knocks. I looked back and I saw a bunch of people watching me from the other coach. They sat on their fat backsides and just stared at me trying to catch my mum's attention. I signaled to them for help but they ignored me. A man in his forties, wearing a suit and a tie became trigger happy as he took out his phone from his pocket and started snapping photos of me fighting to open the damn door. What an idiot!

Yes, I could have used my mobile to call my mum but unfortunately, that stretch of the journey had no reception. So too bad for me.

I think I must have been stranded outside there for nearly 10 minutes when I decided to take off my Vinci slippers and slam the glass door to make an even louder noise. I turned around and saw that trigger happy idiot laughing and the rest of the people smiling back at me.

The loud slapping sound alerted my mum and she opened the sliding door from the inside. Thankfully, she heard it or else I would have been stuck outside until the train made a stop at the next station which was about another 40 minutes away.

I really wanted to show those idiots my 3rd finger but I refrained from doing so. All I could do was shake my head and looked at them in total disgust.

First Class passengers; first class mentality? Think twice. No, think thrice. I think most Malaysians have this "I don't care if you die" attitude.

If I saw a person stuck like I was, I would definitely lend a helping hand. I probably wouldn't have been able to do anything but at least I can give him/her some moral support.

Sigh...Malaysians, oh Malaysians. What have you become to?