Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reverse Culture Shock?

I'm a bad blogger. I've been away from the blogsphere for far too long. I've been...err...busy for the past few weeks?

I was in KL to get my visa done and it cost me a hefty RM 621 exclusive of service charge which is another RM 40 more. Oh well. That is the price to pay for an education overseas I guess.

I walked the available shopping malls in JB and I was appalled. What's wrong with the sales staff was my first question to my sister when we were browsing a shoe shop. Why are they like blocks of wood? Where is the boasted Malaysian hospitality? Maybe I'm too used to life in the UK where the sales staff are usually friendly and come with your shoe or piece of clothing promptly with a smile.

I met a friend yesterday at a McD outlet. I complained and complained about how slow things are in this country. I know its a shopping mall. I know people walk the tiled floors of shopping malls to relax from a hard week at work. But is it necessary to pause in the middle of the walk way and pretend not to notice another shopper behind you trying to get through the thick crowd? Sigh...

McD is supposed to be a fast food restaurant. Fast food. I expect FAST FOOD. The guy taking my order behind the counter took his own sweet time to get the fries, the drink and the burger. Those working there were sluggish and had the "I don't give a damn if you have to wait" look on their face. I remember when I was Form 3, I told a McD staff in JB...

"Ehhh...lain kali you mahu kerja di fast food restaurant, tolong cepat sikit boleh tak?"

No McD staff is slow in the UK. There are no inconsiderate shoppers hogging the whole walkway as though it belonged to them. No one fights for a pair of Nine West shoes on the first day of the Boxing Day sales. No sales girl stares into the void and takes your word as passing wind.

Something must be very wrong with us and we have to do something to correct this "tidak apa" attitude.

I related this to my mother and she said...

"What to do? This is our culture..."

Help! Am I suffering from reverse culture shock?