Sunday, August 14, 2005

Vote Me. Vote Me Not.

I cannot deny the fact that I am a huge fan of Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol. I have followed the AF series since its first season and I thoroughly enjoy the programme even though it is largely in Malay. I even AFUNDI'ed for my favourite contestant which includes Vince from AF1, Linda from AF2 and most recently Amylea from AF3. Although the winners are chosen by the audience themselves, I find it a very unfair system for those contestants who sing superbly well but lacked the winning look or style.

Mawi performed well during every concert. Felix made a few flawed performances. Amylea, on the other hand was very consistent and her voice was booming for a girl of her age and size. When she sang "Don't know why" by Norah Jones in one of the concerts, she sang it so beautifully. She did not bite on her words unlike the rest of the contestants. Mawi had a whole load of supporters. I would like to speculate it is because of his humble background, coupled with the fact that this is a Malay programme and he sang mostly Malay traditional songs during the concerts. He was given the edge too when M Nasir wrote "Aduhai Seroja" for him. These are the songs that suit his voice the best and it was well liked by the audience.

Mawi scooped a whooping 58% of the total votes casted by the audience via SMS. He got none from me.

Why vote only for someone that you think deserves to win the title? Why not vote for someone to be off the stage next week as well? Isn't that a fairer way and also isn't this going to be a more lucrative business for our telecommunications industry?

To illustrate this further, I watched few weeks worth of Malaysian Idol. I strongly believe that Ejay and Daniel should not be there week after week after week. If the programme adopts my suggestion, I would vote YES for Nita and NO for Ejay and Daniel. Each NO a contestant receives, a YES vote will be deducted from the pool. Sounds fair?

Its going to be more work for the organisers but it gives the contestants an idea of how bad or good they performed.