Thursday, September 29, 2005


Words. Words. And more words. I have been plagued by the word disease.

Research. This word scares me. It scared me on the first day of my induction week for my MA course. It still scares me now. I have a 3000 word essay to do on research methods. How the hell am I to argue which research method is better than the other? Each has its own pro's and con's. Each has it's own strength and weakness. Research Methods really put me off. It's not even the first week of class yet and I'm already stressed out of my wits.

Yes, I hold a degree in law and research should be nothing new to me. But the research we did back in law school is nothing compared to the ones I'm going to embark on. Law school research was simple. There were only a few journal titles to go through and you roughly know where and which author writes on what subject.

Maybe I'm all too new to the business school and the way things work around it. Maybe I'm all too new to being a postgraduate student. No more "cut and paste". No more keeping my mouth shut during tutorials and seminars. No more trying to hide away from the enquiring eyes of the lecturers. It is high time for me to contribute to the voices in the room and show them what I've got. But honestly, I don't think I have much to offer. 3 of my classmates have work experience before. One of them has actually worked in India in the CSR field. The other has Marketing experience and has already thought out what topic her dissertation would be - CSR and Ethical Marketing. What about my dissertation topic?

CSR and Corporate Governance in Asia?

Sounds good eh? But what about the RESEARCH?

I'm the only non-business graduate in the course and that makes me the only person with a law background. Everyone I talked to ooh'ed and ahh'ed at my qualification but I'm envious of them instead. They have the edge. They know the basics while I know what happends if the only male in the class has sexual intercourse with one of the females without her consent.

Bah. I'm crapping.