Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wedding Ring? No need lah...

The weather may be getting colder but my heart is getting warmer by the day. Vinz finally got his visa problem settled (after going through an interview and a few trips to the UK Visas department in KL). Now, I don't have to keep worrying that he will be rejected his visa again.

We talked over the phone yesterday and he said...

"Baby...what do you want for your birthday?"

"Errr...I thought you said you wanna give me a diamond ring wan?"

"Yes lah...I thought so. But then, after I think think to buy a ring for you wor? I don't know your ring size and you know my lousy it is. So I've decided, when I come back, we go choose one together ok?"

"Babyy..I just love you so much when you rationalise things like that! You're so smart! Why I never think of you not knowing my ring size wan?"

"So, come back only buy diamond ring ok?"

"Ok baby...and you know once you buy it for me you can't regret wan you know..."

"Of course no regrets baby...I love you so much. I want to grow old with you...remember?"

Honestly, I'm not hard-up for the diamond ring. I just want him to be back with me and not be apart anymore. Diamond ring or not, its not important. You know, they say a wedding band on the fourth finger binds your love together or something like that? I say...I don't need a band around my finger to bind our love because there is already this invisible bond, this unexplainable bond that we have created through everlasting bond which is so priceless that no precious stone can match up to.

On another note, I think the cold weather is killing my joints. I have this horrible aching pain in my knee joints whenever I climb stairs or get up from a chair. I must be getting old. I told Vinz about it and he said...

"Old ah? Even if you're old baby...I will still love you."


Friday, November 25, 2005

Malaysians Don't Know What They Are Missing Until It Has Been Taken Away From Them...

"Hello...Where are you from?"

"I'm from the Sultanate of Oman."


"I'm from Oman..."

"Ohhh...I know where is that. Muscat is your capital right?"

"Allah is great! Finally someone knows where my country is!"

That was the conversation I had with my new found friend from Oman. Her name is Mohza and she worked for 3 years in Oman before coming to Nottingham under a government scholarship. Excuse my ignorance for I would think that the Omani government would be biased against women when it comes to education. However, to my very surprise, Mohza told me that 28 candidates were selected for the scholarship and only one of them is a male!

Anyway...we had quite an interesting conversation on the bus back from class. She said she wants to visit Malaysia as her friends spend their honeymoon there. Things are cheap, the people are friendly, our culture is almost identical and the food is safe for them to eat. She made me laugh so hard when she said this...

"When I find my man, I'm going to Malaysia!"

Mohza does know quite a bit of our country. She said she read that we are a multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious society. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus live in harmony in the same neighbourhood without any quarrels or arguments. And I agreed with her. She added that it will be really nice if her country is as diversified as ours. She said that we are so lucky to be able to experience different cultures without even stepping out of our country to witness it.

For Christmas, Mohza will be visiting a Christian family in Cardiff. She said she wants to experience what Christians do during Christmas and how they observe this religous occasion in church. Again, pardon my ignorance but the Muslim friends from Malaysia that I know will frown upon such practices. But Mohza who hails from the Middle East (where the religion came about) is so open minded about it!

She came all the way from Oman to England to experience a different culture from hers. She came to see the world and absorb the good and bad of it.

What about us Malaysians? We have a melting pot of cultures sitting nicely at our backyard, yet we choose to close our doors to it...Why?


Monday, November 21, 2005

Ducks Ice-Skating?

I woke up this morning and was a wee bit disappointed that I did not wake up to a snow capped car park. But as I looked closer, I saw frost built up overnight on the green grass and on my neighbours' cars. Thick frost. It could almost pass as snow. I opened my window and stretched my hand out to test the air. It was bitterly COLD. My "test drive" only lasted less than 5 seconds. I quickly shut the window and switched on the heater.

As I walked out of my apartment, I decided to take some photos of the frost bitten ground.

Image hosted by

Frozen leaves and twigs

Image hosted by

Frost covered grass

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Can you see the ice?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Just look at the ducks. They are ice-skating!

I wonder what tomorrow's weather will bring. Snow? Or just more frost?


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

Yes, bring on the snow!

It has been freezing for the past one week here in the UK. We are anticipating the coldest winter in 10 years (some actually say in 20 years). Frost is on the ground everywhere! I don't remember it being so cold in November since the first year I came here. All I'm waiting now is for the snow to fall on the grounds of Nottingham. I can't wait to build a snow man and put a carrot for his nose!

My mind suddenly transported me back to my N11 room in Hugh Stu last Christmas. The staff switched off the heater when they left campus for their vacation and we, international students were left to freeze in the bitter cold winter. I had no portable electric heater unlike some other students so I had to wear two pairs of thick socks, two pairs of pyjama pants, one t-shirt and two sweaters. I was actually contemplating to wear a pair of gloves but decided not to as it would almost be impossible to do any writing. On Boxing Day, I could take the cold no longer so I put on my army suit of a thick winter jacket, a woolen scarf, woolen gloves, winter boots and thermal wear and headed straight to the city to get myself a 20pound Delonghi electric heater which worked soOooO well!

I thought last year was cold, this year is worse. I've got the heating on in my room and yet I still need to wear the same gear I had on last year minus the two pyjama pants. Terrible.

Someone please remind me why I'm still in this cold and grey country when I could very well have been basking in the warm sunshine back home...


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog Back in Action...

You know when you are out of the blogging world for so long, you just lose touch. The longer you leave, the less you are drawn to writing. Just the same thing that is happening to me right now.

I have been reading blogs regularly. I know that James went to the Taiping Zoo with the family. I know that Mami and Buaya69 have gone to greater heights. And I know that Auntie Lilian just made really yummy Malay style fried chicken. The only thing I haven't done regularly is write.

So now I'm back and I hope I will be back for good. Of course there will be some pauses here and there due to the constant heavy workload I have. But hopefully other than those small hiccups, there will not be anymore missing links in my written public life.

Just a little update on what I've been up to for the past month...

Vinz went back to Malaysia and will be back on January 12th. The first night was hell. It was lonely and quiet in our suddenly huge apartment. The second night was better and by the third, I was back to my old self; the girl who lives by herself, shuts herself up in her room all day and eats nothing but vegetables and plain rice for dinner. Life still has to go on I thought. So I might as well make the best out of it.

Then I was busy with my assignments and still am actually. I wrote 2 essays and I've got another one to write before the begining of the holidays. I've got 2 group projects which I will elaborate on how irritated I am with some irresponsible members.

I also attempted to bake some ginger cookies last week which turned out pretty alright. I've gobbled down half the batch I made in a week and I might just make somemore when I'm in the right mood for some.

And of course I've been on the phone with my dear boyfriend. He misses me like crazy and so do I. He even offered me to buy a plane ticket for me to go back to Malaysia to be with him for Christmas and stay in his house. But of could I agree to such a thing? Romantic though it may sound but if my mum finds out and she probably will cos KL isn't very small, I will be chopped into a few million pieces and be put into her grinder.

For now I just have to live in this apartment with the whirring sounds of my computer to keep me company till Vinz comes back. He sent me a text early Monday morning which said...

"Baby...when I come back...I promise we won't be apart like this again. We will be together always ok?"