Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

Yes, bring on the snow!

It has been freezing for the past one week here in the UK. We are anticipating the coldest winter in 10 years (some actually say in 20 years). Frost is on the ground everywhere! I don't remember it being so cold in November since the first year I came here. All I'm waiting now is for the snow to fall on the grounds of Nottingham. I can't wait to build a snow man and put a carrot for his nose!

My mind suddenly transported me back to my N11 room in Hugh Stu last Christmas. The staff switched off the heater when they left campus for their vacation and we, international students were left to freeze in the bitter cold winter. I had no portable electric heater unlike some other students so I had to wear two pairs of thick socks, two pairs of pyjama pants, one t-shirt and two sweaters. I was actually contemplating to wear a pair of gloves but decided not to as it would almost be impossible to do any writing. On Boxing Day, I could take the cold no longer so I put on my army suit of a thick winter jacket, a woolen scarf, woolen gloves, winter boots and thermal wear and headed straight to the city to get myself a 20pound Delonghi electric heater which worked soOooO well!

I thought last year was cold, this year is worse. I've got the heating on in my room and yet I still need to wear the same gear I had on last year minus the two pyjama pants. Terrible.

Someone please remind me why I'm still in this cold and grey country when I could very well have been basking in the warm sunshine back home...