Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wedding Ring? No need lah...

The weather may be getting colder but my heart is getting warmer by the day. Vinz finally got his visa problem settled (after going through an interview and a few trips to the UK Visas department in KL). Now, I don't have to keep worrying that he will be rejected his visa again.

We talked over the phone yesterday and he said...

"Baby...what do you want for your birthday?"

"Errr...I thought you said you wanna give me a diamond ring wan?"

"Yes lah...I thought so. But then, after I think think to buy a ring for you wor? I don't know your ring size and you know my lousy it is. So I've decided, when I come back, we go choose one together ok?"

"Babyy..I just love you so much when you rationalise things like that! You're so smart! Why I never think of you not knowing my ring size wan?"

"So, come back only buy diamond ring ok?"

"Ok baby...and you know once you buy it for me you can't regret wan you know..."

"Of course no regrets baby...I love you so much. I want to grow old with you...remember?"

Honestly, I'm not hard-up for the diamond ring. I just want him to be back with me and not be apart anymore. Diamond ring or not, its not important. You know, they say a wedding band on the fourth finger binds your love together or something like that? I say...I don't need a band around my finger to bind our love because there is already this invisible bond, this unexplainable bond that we have created through everlasting bond which is so priceless that no precious stone can match up to.

On another note, I think the cold weather is killing my joints. I have this horrible aching pain in my knee joints whenever I climb stairs or get up from a chair. I must be getting old. I told Vinz about it and he said...

"Old ah? Even if you're old baby...I will still love you."