Thursday, December 08, 2005

God is shining on me today and everyday...

I walked to the main campus this morning feeling happy because I will be able to collect my 1000pound scholarship cheque from the International Office. When I arrived in the office, it stiffling hot! So, I took off my cardigan and put it in my bag instead. I was given the cheque and I happily put it into my purse. I then put the purse on top my cardigan inside my bag. Just before I left the office, I put on my earphones and played some of my favourite songs on my Sony Ericsson w800i.

I walked out of the office and felt that my bag was a wee bit too bulgy so I decided to take out my cardigan and hold it instead. I walked on whilst listening to 'You Raise Me Up' by Westlife.

I waited at the Hopper bus stop to take the bus to Jubilee Campus and when the bus came in less than 2 minutes, I hopped on.

As I was listening to Samantha Mumba's 'Lately', I received a phone call.

'Are you Miss Jen Yu Lai?'

'Errr...yeahhh' (thinking to got my name terbalik lah..but nvm)

'You dropped your purse at the Trent building. You can come and collect it from now till this evening.'

'Ohhhhh...thank you so much!!!'

My God. How could I have been so careless! Thank God for the kind hearted soul who picked my purse up and turned it in to the security guard's office. Although I only had 5pounds worth of cash inside it, my credit cards, debit cards and the 1000pound cheque is inside.

I can't stop thanking God today!