Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking Back and Stepping Forward

As the year draws to a close...I sat down on my bed this morning to look back on 2005. So many things happend this year...good things, bad things, happy things and sad things...

I graduated from Law School in July this year. It seemed like yesterday when I was struggling for my January and May exams. Now, I'm struggling again. But this time for another subject altogether. Something which I have chosen. And for better or worse, I will continue to strive hard like how I did for my LLB.

I met Vinz in January when MF invited me for dinner with Laura to celebrate his success in getting his dream job in HSBC London. We had dinner at Petite Paris; a cute little place above King's Walk which serves yummy French fare. My first impression of Vinz...funny. I met him again a few days later and that was when sparks begin to fly and cupid struck his arrow. We got together on the 20th of Febuary and we have not looked back since :)

My sister announced that she's pregnant with her second child and this time round it is a girl! The folks at home are delighted. So am I. Gonna be second time auntie soon!

2005 was also a year of death and sadness in our family. My beloved Uncle Bob Lim passed away of a sudden heart attack in Sydney. He was to turn 60 in a few months. A good friend of my parents died on the spot after being struck by lightning during a game of golf. God bless their souls.

My hopes and wishes for 2006 are...

That the world be a better place. No more wars. No more tsunami's. No more Katrina's.

That my world be better. That I get a job in the UK. That I pass my Master's. That my parents are healthy and happy always. That my nephew and new niece grow up well.

That Vinz and I continue to live happily...together...forever. (Whatever forever means....)