Friday, January 27, 2006

New Year, New Luck

Its Chinese New Year in a couple of days. Ahhh...when I think back of CNY many fond memories fill my head. This is the 4th CNY I'm away from home, 4th CNY not having the luxury to enjoy this festive occasion with the family and 4th CNY not being able to have the thrill of feeling red packets i.e. trying to guess if the contents is orange, green or dark green or maybe purple or just dark blue?

After so many years abroad, CNY still is significant to me. It is the time of the year where everyone gets together for a meal, to recap on old times and to usher in the new. Since we don't have our family here, our friends have become our family. We still try to keep the tradition alive. We visit each other, eat cookies and just enjoy the occasion with lots and lots of booze and gambling. Afterall, what is CNY without loud noises and the exchange of money?

Today, I will uphold the tradition that my father taught me. He was taught by his mother. And she was taught by her own mother. has been running in our family for many years. I will pop into the bank later today to exchange for a couple of crispy new 5 pound notes to put into my wallet. New money, new luck.

Happy Chinese New Year to all! And may the Year of the Dog bring good health, lots of wealth and happiness to everyone! :)