Thursday, February 23, 2006

I take 30, he takes 5. What about you?

Its Thursday today. Another day before the weekend officially begins. Weekends are spent usually in the company of friends for me and Vinz. Company of friends meaning company of his friends. Since I have moved on to another level of education and to another campus, I have lost a big bulk of my undergraduate friends. Almost everyone I know in my class has either gone home or moved on to another university, another town, another country. I do have some friends from my current class but we are not so close. Its funny that the older I get, the harder it is to make close friends.

Anyway...back to the topic of weekends. Our weekend starts on Friday night. We usually go out for a meal with some friends in the city. We like to try different foods. The last time we had Turkish. But most of the time, we are conventional. Its either Thai or Chinese. After dinner, depending on the crowd that we go out with, we will either go to the bar to have some drinks or adjourn back to a friend's house for a few rounds of blackjack and poker. Friday night will end with me and Vinz relaxing on our bed watching a movie till I fall asleep on his shoulder.

Saturdays are spent walking around the city, doing a bit of shopping and eating our weekend food - McD! I don't know why we keep going for McD on Saturdays but we really look forward to it. Dinner is usually at home with a bottle of wine and freshly cooked steak. We then watch a movie or two before adjourning to the bed..hehehe... :P

You see...I have written about how we spend our weekends. What we do outside and inside our home. But I have not written about how long we spend in getting ready to go out.

I need at least 30 minutes to get myself looking presentable. Vinz will usually be sitting in front of his computer while I moisturise, apply powder, put on some eye shadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Before that I will rummage through my cupboard to choose what to wear for that day. I usually take out a few pieces before finally choosing one. Actually, its before Vinz chooses one for me. Then I will need to decide what shoes to wear and which handbag to carry. After I am done, only then can we go out.

How long does it take you to get ready? What do you do during the weekends?