Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We Have Come a Long Long Way...

5 years ago, I left my comfort zone. I left the only school that I have ever known. The primary and secondary section of the school are just across the road from each other. I made lots of friends, friendships that I thought will last a lifetime; friendships I thought will remain even after I left my sanctuary. never happend. We still do keep in touch every now and then but the feeling is not the same anymore. Oh well..I guess people just move on...

5 years ago, I entered another comfort zone. It was only a short lived moment but it was a great experience and I made lots of good friends. Again, we promised each other that we will be friends for life; we will send each other pink "summons" when the time comes and will be godma's for the offspring that we bear; we will share every secret, every gossip, every mundane detail in our lives even though we are seperated by the sea and land. Yet, we failed. Or maybe I failed in fulfilling our promises. I don't know.

But thanks to the advancement of technology like MSN, Blogs, Friendster and Yahoo Groups, we need not speak to each other or meet face to face to know that the people who once shared our lives are doing well.

We have come a long way. Now, most of us are 23 this year and 23 is the age where school is out for most. Some have gone on to pursue their dream jobs, some have remained in University (like yours truly), some have returned home and started jobs which they hardly enjoy and some have tied the knot and have babies to care for.

A friend whom I know would never give up anything for anything related to technology wrote this on his blog...

"With cash coming in every month, I’m saving up for more important things now."

The second part of his sentence, "I'm saving up for more important things now" made me realise that yes, we have come a long long way. Our priorities have changed. It is time for us to really act and behave like mature young adults. It is time for us to set aside our selfish desires to build a bright future, not just for ourselves but for our life partner and our offspring.